Nancy Williams Designer and Producer

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Nancy Williams creates handmade products inspired by her Hispanic roots combined with her love for the outdoors and various artistic mediums. She designs wearable art with comfort, durability, style, and function in mind for the person that wants distinctive and unique jewelry, accessories and clothing. All jewelry and clothing is handcrafted in her studio.

She also has a passion for MMA and other contact sports. She follows various types of art and is fascinated by the Artistry involved in Tattooing.

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Roberto Tibuni, Cinematographer Photographer Producer

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Robert Tibuni, has held a place as the Representative of the Texas Motion Picture Alliance, for 3 years.  He also has held memberships with the Professional Photographers of America, Canon Professional Services, International Documentary Association, National Association of Latino Independent Producers, and the El Paso Art Association.


Roberto, currently resides in El Paso, love the city, and work behind the scenes, on projects daily.

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