Andrea Amaro

“After 15 minutes of war, you throw your hands in the air because this is the moment we all as fighters have worked for, Win or Lose. 

“It’s not easy to train and push your body to its limits everyday, literally putting sweat, blood, and tears. Missing out on family gatherings, birthdays, holidays, outings with friends because the lifestyle demands sacrifice and discipline. It’s not easy putting in that extra work, or handling any hardships or obstacles we as fighters go through in the small personal lives that we do have. Always reminding yourself of the purpose and reason you fight. This lifestyle is not for the weak! 

Andrea Amaro MMA fighter
Andrea Amaro MMA fighter


Professional Strawweight Mixed Martial artist. She trains out of Bushido MMA and BJJ gym in El Paso, Tex.  She trains in all aspects of MMA and also competes in Jiu-Jitsu and is a competitive runner.  She is a freestyle fighter and does not favor any of the individual aspects as she focuses on all of them equally or the one she is weakest at.


Favorite Band or Music:  I love Rap, and my favorite artist would probably have to be Eminem.

Favorite Food: All food is good, but PASTA is the best.

Favorite Color: Pink 

Besides training Enjoys:   Aside from training I love to Run long distance competitively, and watch Anime.


Describe the feeling as you walk out to the cage?   When I walk out to the cage I usually feel nervous, I cannot really explain it feels like butterflies in your stomach .

What was your biggest surprise as you entered the world of fighting especially as a woman?

I think the biggest surprise is there still not being enough women in the sport still. 


Describe fight camp, preparation for weigh-ins?  Fight Camps, and preparation for weigh-ins are brutal but I find joy in them as they are part of the process of having the privilege of stepping into that cage.


Describe what you feel after a win?   I feel overjoyed after a win and it makes all the sacrifices, sweat, blood, tears, restless nights worth every second.


Who are some of your biggest supporters?  Some of my biggest supporters are my Coach Hugo Sida, and my Mother. These two give up a lot of themselves for me and I am forever grateful to have individuals like them in my life.

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