Kelly "Skittles" Clayton

Kelly Clayton MMA Fighter

“True happiness comes from within yourself, not from someone else”

“I always thought I needed to change in order to be happy. Accept what you cannot change and you will be happy.”

“Biologist by day, MMA fighter by night”

“Adversity does not build character it reveals it”


Professional 135 lb. mixed martial artist under Rich Guerin with Yakima MMA.

Trains all aspects of MMA with Primary Focus on : Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling


Favorite color: purple

Favorite band: Pearl Jam

Enjoys camping hiking backpacking


Describe the feeling as you walk out to the cage?   "It’s a very surreal experience. The crowd is blurred and I’m focused on the cage. It's exciting."

 Describe fight camp, preparation for weigh-ins?   It's harder than the fight. Fight preparation becomes your priority every single day.

 Who are some of your biggest supporters? 

Family, Gym/Team and Boyfriend he understands what I go through.

  What was your biggest surprise as you entered the world of fighting especially as a woman? So few women fighters in sport smaller than I thought.

Video-Yakima Herald  Skittles 

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