Liz “LightsOut” Phillips

“[Being a  Fighter]  comes with instinct and heart and your attitude.  Even when you‘re losing and you’re tired and you’re hurt it’s how you handle it.  You can’t teach that and I don’t think everybody has it.  Some people have it and some don’t”


Professional Bantam Weight Division Mixed Martial Artist

Trains all aspects of MMA with primary focus on: Wresting, Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing

Favorite Color: Turquoise

Favorite Food: Barbeque

Enjoys spending time with Family 

Describe the feeling as you walk out to the cage?  Adrenalin Rush, Excitement and Determination

Describe Fight Camp and preparation for Weigh-ins?  Determination, Hardwork and remaining focused

Who are some of your biggest supporters?  Family, Gym/team

What was your biggest surprise as you entered the world of fighting especially for a woman?  Biggest surprise was the supportive fan base for women’s combat and how much support I got leading up to my fights.

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