Sam Hughes

“I hear the phrase “Life is all about balance” quite a bit.  When it comes to chasing your dreams and becoming the best you can , singlemindedness is essential.  In order to become world-class, you must live what most people would consider an ‘unbalanced life’.  Living with distractions and constant temptations will only slow the process to accomplishing your goals.  “Balance” is term people will tell you to back off, rest, and slow your progression.  Throw yourself in your ambitions so hard that no one can slow you down.

“If you wait until you’re ready to do something, you’re gonna be waiting a long time.”

“I’ve been called obsessed. Obsessed about training, obsessed about fighting, well add another one to the list because hot damn I love me some donuts!! “

"Pressure is a privilege."

"We punch each other in the face, but it means we like each other."

Images of Sam Hughes MMA fighter
Images of Sam Hughes MMA fighter


Professional Strawweight Mixed Martial artist. She trains out of Catalyst Mixed Martial Arts Everett Washington.  Trains all aspects of MMA.


· Favorite band or music: Rap

· Favorite Food: Tacos

· Besides training Enjoys : Hiking, Running, Traveling

· Favorite Color: Blue

Who are some of your biggest supporters?  Eddie Grant, My family (Mom and Brothers)

What was your biggest surprise as you entered the world of fighting especially as a woman?  No difference.  Training and the sport has been such a positive aspect in my life.


Describe the feeling as you walk out to the cage? I like to feel the energy of the crowd, as I get closer to the cage I become more focused, and think about the game plan.

Describe fight camp, preparation for weigh-ins? Lots of training!  Two a days,  weightlifting, long runs etc.

Describe what you feel after a win?  Total sense of accomplishment.  The hard days, hard work paid off.  Trust in my training grows, and I see the growth.  It is a learning experience and it makes me excited to get back in the gym to grow.

Video from Catalyst Fight House

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